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Everybody loves to get a free Gift. Well now you can get a free gift with your next Mobile phone contract. Mobile phones with free gifts are one of the most popular mobile phone deals in the UK. Many people will often opt for a longer contract because they receive some sort of free gift with it and not just some throw-away freebie that no one has any practical use for, but something like a new television, a laptop, a gaming console like the PS3 or Xbox 360, or even popular new gadgets, like a new Ipad.

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Best free gift Mobile phone deals

This brings entirely new value to the standard mobile phone contract. Longer pay monthly contracts are already designed so that you are getting more value out of your mobile plan by reducing the monthly cost of a plan, and usually benefits from providing the customer with a free phone. Of course, some people are not comfortable with the lack of flexibility a long term contract may offer, but for the consumer who seeks value more than anything, a longer contract phone deal with a free gift is the most obvious and logical decision. Lower monthly rates, a cheaper or free phone, and a free gift! You would be lucky to find that sort of value anywhere else.

What is even greater is that with all of the money that you will save from signing up for a longer contract, will allow you to be able to take full advantage of the free gift you received. That means more games for your new games console, a surplus of apps for your Ipad, or even premium movie channels for your brand new TV. The monthly contract will allow you to get more out of your new phone, such as talk time, texts and data and the free gift will allow you to get even more enjoyment from you contract phone. So what are you waiting for we have a number of phone deals with free gifts for you to select from.

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