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Find phones with great free gifts like the latest next generation consoles. Additional gadget like a gaming console might not often fit into your budget with the rising costs of living, well now you can get a gaming console as a free gift with your phone contract. To facilitate this, we compare the online phone market and have come up with deals so anyone can afford a new phone, along with that much wanted gadget such as an Xbox 360, PS3, Kinect motion or Wii being given away as a free gift.

The X-Box 360, the PlayStation 3, Wii and the Kinect Motion Sensor match the prices of the higher end phones and tablets in the market. In a choice between a phone and gaming console at the same price, common sense tilts in the direction of a phone due to its functionality. However, if a young game-crazy financial actuary were offered a Blackberry Bold 4 and Sony Vita at the price of only the phone, they would skip any mathematical hedging and grab the offer. Presently, offers like that are made, not only for high end models, but also for the lower ones, while providing customers with almost the same range of consoles to choose from. You will find that the combinations offered are vast and you won’t find it hard to find the best blend of fun and style at a cost that suits you.